Francesca CrippaArt Director

La culla dell’energia

In the logic of the world in which we live
the theme of energy is very important, tells through a
branded stories the new point of view of Eni:
use the waves as a source of renewable energy.

The islands of those who remain

The islanders of the Aeolian Islands live in a
constant dialogue with the sea, an unpredictable
master that dictates the rules of daily life.

This millennial dependence has prompted them
to find a space of freedom within this domain.

In these islands, independence is not just a word,
but a daily objective, achieved through
small gestures and great efforts.

Thus, in these islands cradled by the waves, the
inhabitants seek their freedom every day, building a
future that respects the past but courageously
looks towards new possibilities.

In respect of the sea, they find the
strength to assert their autonomy.

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