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“Don’t tell my mother I’m in advertising – tell her I make people feel” 


December 5, a sunny day in a
relentless winter.
Surrounded by the Milanese vortex
I throw my first scream, proud to
confess my existence to the world.

I go back to my city, I tried
everything,built relationships,
destroyed fears and fueled anxieties.
I met dance, a universal language
that breaks down all walls.

And why not? The psyche of people,
5 years of high school studying it,
5 years of asking questions and not
getting satisfying answers.
The human being, an imperfect
machine that hides in the opposite.

The key-word? Observe. I abused
my eyes until I found a new
language, mine, the images.

To imagine, to visualize on a
messy wall and to create,
chaotic movements that fill me.

The need to secretly change things.
Here is the solution, to give life to
images that insinuate themselves into
consciousness, that grab your raw
intestines and drag them down to your
feet, all in carefree silence.

Stella magazine
, Ikea,
Eni, Avant Garde typography book
Ray-Ban, Feltrinelli, Pimón, Patagonia, Competitions.